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About Us

We are building services for everyone in Indonesia — defining the digital landscape of our 13k island archipelago. That means a strong focus of deliverability on developing infrastructure.

Aside from creating the best products we can, we care about the process. We believe our collaborative working environment centered around data, design, and development is the foundation for success.

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Pt. Kreatif Media Karya
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Bandung, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia
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Principles & Practices

Ideals that guide us


Working at a successful tech company is a team sport. Cohesion and hard work are more important than some ninja JavaScript developer.

Lionel Messi is an outstanding footballer, but an even better team player. He will retire, but FC Barcelona will continue to succeed.

Pair Programming

Sure, two heads are better than one; but, pair programming is not only about producing better code. We find pairing to be the most effective way to train new engineers. There's no better way to learn than spending 8 hours a day pairing with a professional.

Pairing is also super useful at prevent information silos. We reduce ourbus factor by ensuring every part of the system has two eyes looking at it.

Peer Feedback

KMK hires great engineers, but we don't stop there. We collect and distil peer feedback into actionable reviews for all of our engineers. Honest & constructive feedback is one of the best ways to level-up, which is why we give it regularly.

Quick Iterations

Designers, product managers, and engineers at KMK actively work on breaking features down into small releases. Why? This let's us get our work in front of real users sooner and that let's us respond to their feedback. That's what being agile is all about.

Test Driven Development

TDD is a rhythm that helps us maintain steady forward progress. Not only does it reduce the amount of time we spend on bugs, but it improves the design of our code! Testable code needs to be simple, modular, and well refactored — clean code.

Automate Everything

Life is too short to spend time working on tedious tasks. That's why we have automated our: test suites, deployments, server scaling, analytic alerts, and much more.


We want people to have multi-year careers at KMK. This requires a work-life balance.

8 hours of productivity is more valuable than 16 hours of some work, facebook, email, etc. Strict work hours ensure strict free time.

Our stats

4 of Indonesia's top websites
4 iOS and Android applications
81 motivated engineers
19 product owners
Over 15,000,000 monthly unique visitors
Over 2,000,000 minutes watched per day


How we have grown over time

Best Digital Product in the "News & Magazine App" category is awarded to during the 2016 Digital Marketing Award ceremony.

"The Best News Portal" is awarded to during the 2016 Digital Marketing Award ceremony.


BlackBerry and KMKOnline form a global partnership that allows KMK to develop BBM applications and services for Android, iOS, and Windows Phones.

2016-04Achivement reaches 12.891 million monthly users through 64.491 million monthly pageviews with 99.99% uptime.

2016-04Achivement reaches 2.516 million monthly users through 20.0 million monthly pageviews with 100% uptime.


Investment on iFlix, Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing internet TV service.

2016-02Achivement reaches 32.978 million users through 342.989 million monthly pageviews with 99.99% uptime.

2016-02Achivement reaches 10.443 million users through 48.432 million monthly pageviews.


Acquired, #3 property listing portal, through to strengthen our position as the market leader on property listing space.


BukaLapak won the "Best e-Commerce" and "Best of The Best" websites at the Bubu Awards 2015.


Vidio won "The Best Entertainment Site" at the Bubu Awards 2015.


Acquired stake in Suitmedia, a full fledged digital agency and web/mobile development house.


Liputan6's app is chosen as one of the Best Apps of 2015 by Google Play Store.

"The Best News Portal" is awarded to during the 2015 Digital Marketing Award ceremony.


Investment in, Indonesian's #1 Muslim fashion e-commerce site.


Investment in a leading social commerce (O2O) platform in Indonesia.


Begin product analysis and development of — soon to be one of Indonesia's leading sport news portals.


Acquisition of, a long-established and one of the largest online recruitment sites in Indonesia.


Inception & conceptualization of — a new style of social entertainment news.


Prototyping, internal UX testing, and first code commit of — an online digital video platform offering user-generated content, TV streaming, and third-party proprietary content.


JV Partnership with PropertyGuru Singapore for investment in, Indonesia's #1 property listing portal.


DNS Cutover to the brand new portal, launching it to an audience of 4.2 million users and 18.4 million monthly pageviews with 99.63% uptime.


Acquired stake in Lakupon, a major daily deal site in Indonesia